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 Upcoming Events 2023

This is our list of club tournaments for 2023 that are open to all club members. These events are a great way to meet your fellow members. You can sign up at the proshop for each tournament.

Upcoming Events: Schedule
Golf Kart

Ladies Opening

May 6th, 2023 @ 10am

Ladies opening .Please sign up at the Proshop

Golf Iron

Opening Tournament

May 13th 2023

All members are invited to compete in our opening tournament. It is great way to start off the year and meet your fellow members. You sign up individually . Cost is $ 20.00

Golf Course Aerial Shot

2 Ball

June 10th and 11th 2023

First day is a scramble and second day is best ball. Cost is $ 30.00

Golf Course Aerial Shot

4 Ball

July 15th 2023

This is a 4 person  scramble. You pick your team.
Cost is $20.00

Golf Course Aerial Shot

Club Championship

August 12th & 13th 2023
Senior Men's Club Championship 
August 16th and 18th

All members are invited to compete in our 2 day  annual Club Championship. Cost is $30.00.

Golf Bags

Mixed Doubles

September 9th 2023

All members are invited to compete in our annual mixed doubles tournament. This is our most popular tournament
Guests are also invited to play.
Only teams with 2 members are eligble for the trophy. Member/guest teams play for gift certificates.
Cost is $30.00 for guests and $ 20.00 for members

Golf Bag with Clubs

Ladies Closing

Sept 23rd 2023 at 10:30AM

Ladies / morning league.
Please sign up at the proshop


Club Closing

Oct. 7th 2023

Our club closing is open to all members
Sign up as an individual and you will be put on a team. Cost is $ 20.00

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