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Hole by Hole

Hole #1, Par 4

B-425  W-419 Gr - 340 G-340 R-334

A challenging starting hole with a right side bunker out 220 yds. Aim towards the center of the green side bunker. Your approach shot should favour the left side of the green to get a favourable bounce and roll, unless your going for the flag with back spin.

Hole #2, Par 5

B-568 W-561 Gr-495 G-495 R-489

This long narrow par 5 requires accuracy on the 1st and 2nd shots with bunkers right at 240 yds off the tee and a pond that comes into play through the 2nd shot right. Play safe down the left center.

Hole #3, Par 3

B-177 W-168 Gr-158 G-126 R-126

An uphill par 3 with a hidden pond at the crest and the green lined with trees requires a good solid shot. It has a large green with about 30 yds of fairway behind the pond. Take an extra club. If the wind is in your face you may need 2 or 3 extra clubs to get there safely.

Hole #4, Par 4

B-373 W-364 Gr-333 G-323 R-313

The 2nd hardest hole on the course with a slightly uphill drive and a green that falls away back and left. Better to be below the hole when putting. An approach shot a little short and right will have a chance at the hole and hopefully not roll too far past.

Hole #5, Par 4

B-362 W-354 Gr-354 G-318 R-309

A slight downhill grade with plenty of fairway to work with but try and stay left of center for the best approach as the fairway narrows up just inside the 100. A high soft 2nd shot is required into the shallow green that falls away from you to the back.

Hole #6, Par 5

B-500 W-490 Gr-490 G-388 R-388

With a favourable breeze, this can be a great eagle opportunity. Get out past the bunkers on the right and your left with about 240 yds. Your approach shot should be directed to the left portion of the green as it runs gently to the right side.

Hole #7, Par 4

B-383 W-370 Gr-358 G-327 R-318

With a favourable breeze, this can be a great eagle opportunity. Get out past the bunkers on the right and your left with about 240 yds. Your approach shot should be directed to the left portion of the green as it runs gently to the right side.

Hole #8, Par 3

B-149 W-141 Gr-141 G-112 R-109

A beautiful par 3 with an elevated tee. It will test your skills with it's huge front sand trap protecting the green and often strong winds can take you from a sand wedge to a 5 wood. The right club selection is key on this hole. Over shoot it and you have to deal with the sand trap in back.

Hole #9, Par 4

B-346 W-340 Gr-340 G-276 R-271

This unique par 4 with dog leg right provides an excellent opportunity for a birdie. A drive to the right center is best. Too far right could land you in the pond or OB. The approach shot has a very receptive green that falls towards the fairway.

Hole #10, Par 4

B-377 W-364  Gr-352 G-342 R-340

A downhill hole with a slight dog leg left. Aim down the left side toward the tower in the background as the ball will run to the right. Your 2nd shot is critical as the ball tends to run quickly to the back of the green and off.

Hole #11, Par 4

B-325 W-305Gr-305 G-297 R-263

This is a great birdie opportunity.

If the wind is with you, use a 3 wood. There is a reachable ditch off the tee that guards the front of the green. Drive down the left center for the best approach shot and go for it.

Hole #12, Par 3

B-156 W-145 Gr-133 G-126 R-118

A great birdie opportunity if you can get it close below the hole. Beware, the distance can be deceiving. Most golfers will take an extra club or 2 here and more with wind in your face.

This is a fun hole to putt on.

Hole #13, Par 4/5

B-442 W-430 Gr-395 G-395 R-391

The toughest hole on the course can get tougher in the wind. Aim high to the left side with your drive. Your ball will roll right towards the low pocket. It's 240 to carry the water. The approach shot is up to green that slopes sharply right. Play your 2nd shot left and let it roll down to the hole.

Hole #14, Par 5

B-614 W-605 Gr-533 G-522 R-511

This monster hole can be a great birdie opportunity with 3 good shots in. Drive down the left side all the way to have a good look at the green. The fairway narrows up just inside the 100 yd marker protecting the 2 level green.

Hole #15, Par 3

Blue-140 White-133 Green-133 Gold-126 Red-123

Nestled among the trees is the last par 3. Most shots to this green will rise above the tree line and be affected by the wind on windy days. Even on calm days you may want to consider an extra club as the distance can be deceiving. Keep away from the sand trap in the front right corner and favour the left side going in.

Hole #16, Par 4

Blue-362 White-354 Green-346 Gold-285 Red-281

Another birdie opportunity on this nice par 4. A drive up the left center will set up a good approach shot to a favourable green. The pond in front can be a factor for long hitters with wind behind you. It is reachable. Consider an extra club on your approach shot.

Hole #17, Par 5

B-560 W-551 Gr-483 G-450 R-446

This long par 5 requires a good uphill drive to the left center. Bunkers right and OB are well within range. The green can be reached in 2 with a little help from the wind. A good 3rd shot could produce a birdie opportunity.

Hole #18, Par 4

B-337 W-325 Gr-325 G-306 R-257

Fox Hollows signature hole is another birdie chance. 210 yds to get safely over the water if you try to cut the corner. The green is well protected with 2 green side bunkers. The green falls to the right so your approach shot should be to the left side.

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